The Best Knives are Stag Knives

Stag handles on knives are very popular today and have been a favorite knife handle material for several centuries. Choosing a knife with a stag handle is rarely a wrong decision when choosing the right knife for hunting. It is sturdy, rugged, feels and looks great while held in your hand or skinning your first deer. The outside cut of a staghorn is called the bark. The bark is naturally abrasive and prevents the knife from slipping out of your hand. Stag is sometimes sliced to create flat pieces called stag knife scales. One way to use the stag is to use the bottom of the antler where there is a flare. This flare is called crown stag. The whole antlers are only used in artistically designed knives meant for showroom display.

Many Different Types of Material Used

There are many different types of stag material that are used in today’s knives. The most popular stag is called Sambar, and it has a dark reddish color, usually smooth in texture. Sambar stag originates from India. Wapiti is Elkhorn; the color is gray-brown with a rough surface. Whitetail and Mule’s Deer antlers are found to not be as solid as other stags. What you will see are smaller points or tips of the horn being used. Stag was considered to be acquired initially from Hungary, Bohemia, Ceylon and India. You will find that the best stag comes from India. As mentioned prior due to its popularity, Sambar stag imported from India, has a dark reddish-brown color, and it is very smooth. However, India often puts a ban on stag exportation. Due to this embargo, the price of stag has increased exponentially. Knife companies today are using certain types of stag only on special knives and may eventually turn out just like Ivory.

Sambar Stag Has Become a Precious Commodity

Sambar stag has become quite a precious commodity, and it is not readily available in today’s market. To combat this problem, knife companies have designed and developed a stag pretender called Bone Stag. Bone stag is manufactured out of bone or a piece of the second cut stag. Once bone stag has been gouged out to resemble a stag, it is stained with potassium permanganate to make it closely resemble the look of rough stag. 

Find the Best Knife for You

Now that you have read some engaging information on stag knives it is important to do the research and find the best knife for you and the purpose for its intended use. There are many fantastic looking traditional hunting knives, but the design may not be for your specific intended use. Be on the lookout for discount hunting knives. We carry a plethora good quality stag knives. If you are into silver then there are hundreds of silver stag knives for sale with exceptional quality, for very little in financial investment.

You May Want a Pocket Knife

If you like collecting knives and you just always have to have that sweet looking knife to show your friends no matter where you are, then look into purchasing a pocket knife. Pocket knives can be found with handles made out of stag, and you can usually find a pocket knives sale going on year round, if not locally then always in the online marketplace. If you are not into pocket knives and are more into customization then think of purchasing handmade knife blades. There are stag handles that can be purchased that allow you to easily swap out blades to customize the look and use of your knife. Your customized knife with its one of a kind stag handle will truly impress your friends.

Fixed Hunting Knives with Stag Handles

There are many different types of fixed hunting knives and antique folding knives that have stag handles. When looking to buy stag handled knives, keep in mind the various types of stag available. You should also be familiar with stag look-alikes. It is common when searching to find the perfect stag knife for your collection with the term knives fixed blade and not realize that stag knives are also sold with a folding blade that was designed to save you space. This is because most stag knives on the market are made with a fixed blade and is usually the standard for hunting. Ask questions if you are unsure about the quality of the stag material or the different blade options available. A quality stag knife seller who values the integrity of stag knives will explain in detail all of the materials used in the crafting process of the stag knives they sell.

Stag Knives Have the Best Knife Handles

Stag knives undoubtedly have the best knife handles due to the dense horn and rough bark texture. The remarkable beauty of stag horn is unmatched by any other material used to make knife handles. The Stag is usually hand finished and treated by flame while the mirror polished steel blades are sharpened to a razors edge. The end result of stag knives is a true work of art that has been marveled for ages. If you are looking to purchase a quality knife, then a knife with a stag handle is the way to go. These knives are sturdy and rugged, with a quality that is sure to remain seen in your knife collection for years to come.

Whether you are on the hunt or using your knife for any task, you need reliability in the blade and most importantly the handle. Stag horn will provide that reliability in the handle of your knife to ensure your grip stays firm. Knife enthusiast all over the world have recognized stag knives as being of high quality and beautiful in crafted design. If you love knives for their proper use or you are just an avid collector of knife art, you are sure to fall in love with stag knives. Just as the other countless stag knife owners who have had the opportunity to hold, use and add one of these remarkable stag knives into their collection you will not be disappointed.

During your hunt to purchase the best knife know that the best knives are stag knives.